Apart from performance, durability, and quality, the price is a big factor in determining what vaporizer to buy. Unfortunately, it is a widely accepted notion that the cheaper an item, the lesser the quality of it is. However, that isn’t always the case. With a little bit more effort and time, one will eventually find a nice deal. The same goes for vaporizer units.

To help you out, below is a compiled list of what is considered the best portable vaporizers available on the market under a hundred bucks. Yes, you read that right: less than $100.

Pulsar APX

The Pulsar APX is a dry herb vaporizer. Due to its compact design and standing only at 4 inches, it is very pocket-friendly.

For such a small unit and with a retail price of just $60, it surprisingly packs a punch. Its features include five temperature settings starting at 356 degrees up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the heat up time on the Pulsar APX is 40 seconds, it is very much capable of producing quality and flavorful vapor.

The Pulsar APX is a good choice to consider for those who want to begin their vaporizer journey. It’s great starter kit and comes in a wide variety of covers and designs for the fashionable vaper.

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KandyPens K-Vape

The KandyPens K-Vape makes this list by a very small margin. It retails at just $99 but employes a plethora of wonderful features. It is considered one of the smallest units capable of full conduction heating.

Even if it is compact, it is capable of quality vapor production via powerful temperature controls with presets at 360 degrees, 380 degrees, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It employs a rather large stainless steel chamber for such a small unit at 0.6 grams and a variable voltage battery with lifetime guarantee protection.

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Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen

We all know that Snoop Dogg is no stranger to cannabis and he knows it very well like the back of his hand most likely. The Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen is a finely crafted vaporizer unit from the chamber to the design which shows the streets of Long Beach where Snoop Dogg is from.

This vaporizer sports a compact design just like the rest of the units on this list and is great for discreet sessions. It features a 900mAh battery which can last for up to 3 hours. Its tank is encased in glass that sits on a ceramic base.

It is made out of stainless steel, is sleek, elegant, and has a wonderfully designed outer shell. The Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen retails for as low as $70.

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G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer. It feels durable, is comfortable to grip, and is quite sturdy given the countless stories of it being accidentally dropped continuously but still works fine.

Its vapor quality and flavor is surprisingly good and this can be attributed to its stainless steel chamber. It has three temperature presets at 320 degrees, 380 degrees, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit with an average heat up time of 90 seconds.

Its packaging is amazing for a $75 vaporizer and it comes with a 1 year warranty along with the accessories and replacement parts such as 5 filter screens, a cleaning brush, 2 extended mouthpiece sleeves to name a few.

X Max V2 Pro

The X Max V2 Pro is a triple-use portable vaporizer. It is capable of vaporizing dry herbs, oils or liquids, and concentrates. It is compact, elegantly designed, and sleek.

It has the ability to change temperatures starting from 356 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect if you want to vape using different materials. It takes a maximum of 45 seconds to reach its maximum temperature and is powered by a replaceable 18650 lithium-ion battery which can last up to an hour if used at the hottest possible temperature.

The build of the X Max V2 Pro is durable. It is made out of aluminum which makes also makes it lightweight. It features a ceramic chamber which can hold up to 0.2 grams. It is a wonderful piece that retails at just 5 cents under $100. If you are on a tight budget but are looking for a quality vaporizer for all three materials, then this one is definitely for you.

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