Grinding To The Next Level -- An OTTO Grinder Review

Grinding To The Next Level -- An OTTO Grinder Review

In the world of dry herb cannabis consumption, the practice of grinding herbs has been observed by almost all loose-leaf enthusiast because of its benefits. Breaking up cannabis to finely ground pieces of herbs aids vaporization and burning of bowls and joints to optimum levels. Finely ground herbs will cover more surface area allowing it to burn or vaporize at a steady rate. A grinder is a dry herb enthusiast’s best friend, it effectively breaks down cannabis into consumable and smokeable weed. It easily spreads your materials’ active compounds allowing you to get higher highs when smoking or vaping marijuana products. The importance of grinders and grinding your herb is simply unequivocally significant in one’s experience.

The Evolution of Grinders

The modern-day grinder came to commercial status because of an incessant need of consuming marijuana leaves. Cannabis consumers began breaking dried botanical matter by hand, who discovered that a great part of the plant’s precious cannabinoids ends up sticking to their hands and fingers which keeps the potency of their herbs to the minimum. The practice of using razor blades and scissors have replaced the then conventional and manual means of breaking herbs which led to people using mortars and pestles to pound and mill the herbs to fit them into small rolling papers for smoking. Ultimately, cannabis communities saw the first commercial weed grinder and never let go of it. The modern-day grinder takes many forms including a very basic 2-piece set up to a more sophisticated 4 to 5-piece grinder with advanced pollen catchers to gather kief, an essential compound in the cannabis herb which gives it its special trait. You can include your kief in the main herb produce or you can use it in different applications like in edibles, potable liquids and even sprinkle it on tobacco to infuse the effects of marijuana to your cigarette smoking rituals. The modern-day loose-leaf enthusiast takes the modern-day grinder as a necessity allowing him to effectively shred nugs into finer pieces for efficient dry herb consumption. Using a grinder promotes better smoking results improving the overall quality of one’s select dry herb strain. Since different strains have different moisture levels, one has to take into consideration the proper consistency in grinding herbs before packing. The art of mastering the perfect consistency per strain takes practice that usually demands interminable effort and somewhat a learning curve before. It’s a skill that’s acquired by most advanced users from years of experience in smoking, vaping, and manually milling their favorite herb strains. The weed grinder has certainly evolved together with the consumer and in this day and age, have transmogrified to a device smarter than what we could all expect it to be.


OTTO or the OTTO Grinder is a product from manufacturers Banana Bros. It boasts extremely advanced features that allow it to grind your materials to the perfect consistency as well as conveniently load the herbs in a premium cone. What’s good about it is that the OTTO Grinder does all of these in just seconds. Here’s how it does it.

The OTTO Grinder is outfitted with their very own cutting edge, patented SMART technology which allows it to adjust its grinding speed, direction, and pressure to provide you with the ideal grind. This feature allows the OTTO Grinder to practically mill any herb strain of any moisture level without any difficulty. This lets even the most novice of weed smokers get the best consistency out of any herb strain. It doesn't matter if your nugs have small stems and even seeds in it, the OTTO Grinder makes grinding herbs easy as making tea. Its high-grade, extra sharp cutting teeth ensure that the herbs are ground and not just pressed together into small balls of vegetable matter. By sensing the consistency and the size per granule of the material it’s grinding, the OTTO Grinder quickly shreds your favorite cannabis strains to the ideal consistency and yields perfect results by using a spring-loaded grinder that closely simulates natural hand gestures for that genuine and authentic grind. The folks at Banana Bros. designed and engineered the OTTO to be the ultimate, go-to grinder for cannabis consumers of all levels. Be it vape users, bong bangers, and especially those who take pleasure in smoking joints, the OTTO aims to be the most valued tool in cannabis consumption. I love how this automatic grinder makes life easy, by a single press of a button, it efficiently grinds herbs like no grinder ever does. Apart from being equipped with a high-tech AI, there are other features you’d love about the OTTO Grinder.

  • All-In-One-Tool
  • Odor-Proof
  • Simple Controls
  • Premium Cones
  • Spill-Proof O-Funnel
  • Rapid USB Charging
  • Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Sleek, Functional Design
  • Patented SMART Grinding
  • Rolls 20-30 Cones Per Charge
  • Grinds Herb and Rolls Cones Rapidly
  • Automatically Adjusts Grinding Based on Material

The OTTO Grinder comes with 20 hand-rolled, all-natural cones meaning you don’t have to roll joint yourself. Yes, you’ve read those right. It comes with its own premium cones letting you just sit back and relax as it does all the job for you. A single charge yields at least 20 to 30 cones making the OTTO Grinder as long-lasting, rechargeable, automatic grinder and rolling machine.

The OTTO Grinder also features a spill-proof design which makes for an ideal grinder which perfectly holds all your materials in place. Many grinders feature spill-proof design but none of them holds your herbs like the OTTO does. It uses high-quality magnets to keep its components tightly joined, it also keeps the smell inside the grinder allowing it to lock the distinct aromas of your dry herb strains. The OTTO Grinder clearly is the future of weed consumption. It’s easy operation and straightforward design makes it a user-friendly device that I’d easily recommend for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Its long-lasting battery life allows you to grind a lot of herbs without needing to recharge frequently making it perfect even as a portable grinding tool. What more could you ask for in a grinder? The OTTO from Banana Bros. is the ultimate grinding tool made for every occasion.

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