Quick Tips and Tricks for Dry Herb Vaporizers

No two vaporizer models will have the same performance. Each model or type will always perform differently than the rest. If you have a vaporizer that is not performing as some of the others that you’ve seen or to your liking, this could mean that you are just not utilizing it properly.

Although the principles behind dry herb vaporizers are fairly simple, there are still factors that you should consider. It is not just the technical specifications and the type of material you consume that contribute to an awesome vaping experience but also how you use your dry herb vaporizer unit as well. In this article is a compilation of general tips and tricks that every vaper should know in order to get the best hits, sessions, and experience out of their current dry herb vaporizer unit.

Store your dry herb in vacuum-tight containers.

Consuming dry herb doesn’t mean that you should keep your herb too dry as the potency of the vapor will be negatively affected. However, it is also not advisable to have a lot of moisture in your dry herb and one good indication it does is if it doesn’t grind to a find consistency and just ends up in clumps. To avoid this, utilize a vacuum-tight container. This way, you don’t end up with very dry herb and you also get to keep it fresh for the longest time possible.

Opening and closing your dry herb container more frequently will also affect your material so it is best to have it stored in a larger vacuum-tight container with a separate smaller container that you can use to bring around a batcth just for consumption.

Understand your temperature settings.

A multitude of dry herb vaporizers come with a temperature control system that allows you to customize your vaping experience at the temperature you feel most comfortable at. Before deciding what is a comfortable temperature to vape at, it is important to understand how your temperature setting affects your consumption of the material. High temperatures will produce the most vapor but this will also compromise its flavor as you will most likely end up with a burnt taste in your mouth and a harshness in your lungs.

To determine the temperature that you are most comfortable vaping at, always start at the lowest temperature. Take a few draws and increase the temperature in increments of 5 degrees. Do this until you reach your desired level.

Take note that if no vapor is produced, you would need to bump up the temperature higher. However, it is best to open up the chamber to check your material and see that you haven’t extracted all the possible vapor from it already. You can simply determine this by its color which is usually a shade darker than what it was at the start of your session.

Take moderate draws from your vaporizer.

One thing that will affect your vaporizer experience greatly is your unit’s heat up time. This is basically the time it takes for your vaporizer to reach the desired temperature from the moment it is first fired up.Taking a draw right away will of course give you little to no vapor. Therefore, it is imperative that you wait a few seconds.

Heat up time will always differ between models with some having faster heat up time than others. Even so, waiting at least 20 seconds, on average, before your first draw is advisable to give enough time to heat your cannabis and extract from it the vapor for consumption. This method should also be considered in between draws although in shorter spans.

Lastly, it is preferred that the way you draw from your vaporizer be slow and deep. This way of drawing will likely get you a lot of potent and flavorful vapor. If your draw is too fast, the air you are inhaling into your lungs will cool the chamber where your material is being heated in causing an undesirable result.

Clean your unit regularly.

Like any device that is used regularly, your vaporizer also requires maintenance and cleaning. Constant use of your unit will result to residue that may clog the airways and screens of your vaporizer. In fact, it may not only clog the airways or the screens, it may also affect how your unit’s heating chamber performs as the heat will no longer be distributed evenly due to material left over from previous sessions covering portions of its surface area.

Make it a point to regularly clean your unit. If possible, take the time to clean your unit and its components after every session. This way, you can assure yourself that the next time you use it, you get consistent performance. If you don’t know how to clean your dry herb vaporizer or what to clean it with, there are a lot of videos and articles on the internet that can help you.

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