Why You Need A Vaporizer

Why You Need A Vaporizer

There is no better time to start vaping or to switch to vaping than now what with all the models and types of vaporizers available on the market from compact portable vape pens to large and powerful desktop rigs. However, one doesn’t just start vaping. One question that poses itself to traditional smokers is “why do I need a vaporizer?”

The number one reason why you should consider a vaporizer is the benefits you get from it health-wise. If you are smoking your tobacco or cannabis traditionally, you most definitely know the hazardous effects it has on your health. In summary, the combustion of either tobacco or cannabis produces smoke and with it the toxins that you aren’t supposed to consume. Such toxins include carcinogens and tar both of which are tremendously dangerous to one’s health. Yes, there are bubblers that filter your cannabis smoke using water and cigarette filters that are said to reduce the amount of tar you inhale but are they really that effective? For the latter, the fact that it only reduces the amount of tar intake means that one is still taking in tar albeit in just smaller amounts.

Vaporizers do away with combustion which means that there is practically no smoke being produced. Instead, vaporizers utilize either conduction or convection heating methods, depending on the unit, to extract vapor which does not contain carcinogens and tar. The vapor is then inhaled which produces the same effects as smoke. The effects are even more potent, especially in cannabis. You will also notice the absence of harshness after your draws.

For traditional smokers who are looking to quit or cut down, they are given the opportunity to customize their nicotine intake by controlling the amount that they have in their e-juices or e-liquids. For heavy smokers, it is advisable to start with a high level of nicotine, preferably close to the level of one’s current intake, and to gradually lower it down. This is a good way to start especially for those looking for that one good throat hit. It is surprising to know how low one has gone down without even noticing.

Apart from the health benefits, one will find that switching to vaporizers will do their finances well in the long run. Investing in vaporizers will cost money at the onset, but once you have your kit, you’re good to go save for the minor costs associated to accessories and the usual parts replacements due to wear and tear. This is especially true for tobacco smokers as the cost of an e-liquid is so much lower than a pack of cigarettes. In addition, a pack of cigarettes will probably last a day or two for a heavy smoker compared to a 30ml container of e-liquid which will last a heavy vaper close to week.

To conclude, the answer to why you should consider a vaporizer is simple: because they are so much more cost-effective and are widely considered a healthy alternative.

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