Puffco Vaporizers

Puffco manufactures sleek and high performing vaporizer pens. Their primary goal is to provide the most elegant, intuitive, and most innovative vaping experience for the “modern concentrate consumer”. The Puffco brand is a celebrated brand with a premium product line that has received widespread critical acclaim and positive reception since its inception in 2013.

Puffco has recently introduced its wax pen series which is performing very well in the market and people are really loving it. Puffco has become the most reputable selling brand not only in the United States but Globally. All vaporizers from Puffco are super sleek in design. We at vapehobby, selling all line of Puffco products including vaporizers and Puffco vaporizers parts.


Why Puffco?

The Puffco brand has released new vaporizers in the market that are perhaps the best vaporizer for extractions and concentrates that currently exist in the market.  With these vaporizers, you can take full advantage of all your extractions in a more pleasant way than ever.

Get More In Less

Many vape lovers want most out of their vaporizers and Puffco knows it very well so they decided to launch their new vaporizers series which easily take care of their user’s additional needs. With all the splendid features you will find the product’s design very stylish and yet innovative.

Super Handy In use

Puffco also provides an "easy to use" approach to its beginner users. Mostly vaporizers designed by Puffco are very handy, sleek, and are easily managed especially if you have no or little knowledge about vaping devices. 

All products are engineered, designed, and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York by an in-house team of design and tech specialists. Puffco strives to always satisfy the needs of true vape connoisseurs and vape enthusiasts alike.

Reasonable Prices

Puffco vaporizers come with all price ranges keeping in mind that a vaporizer should meet client’s need irrespective of its pricing. They have introduced new vaporizers that are very powerful within reasonable price tags.