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Features: 600mAh Battery Capacity Alumina Ceramic Heating Element Floating Vaporization Chamber Integrated Silicone Airflow Regulator Preset Temperature Settings Preheat Mode About the Dr. Dabber Stella The Dr. Dabber Stella is the latest dab pen from Dr. Dabber. It’s outfitted with...

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  • 600mAh Battery Capacity
  • Alumina Ceramic Heating Element
  • Floating Vaporization Chamber
  • Integrated Silicone Airflow Regulator
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Preheat Mode

About the Dr. Dabber Stella

The Dr. Dabber Stella is the latest dab pen from Dr. Dabber. It’s outfitted with some of the industry’s latest technologies which make this dab pen one of the best on the market. Dr. Dabber starts it by introducing old features that are still relevant even for today’s standards.

The Dr. Dabber Stella uses a rechargeable 600mAh battery that offers decent sessions in between charges. The battery has three heat settings as well as a bonus pre-heat mode that lets you prime the heating element first before putting your dabs or simply just pre-heat the wax concentrates so you get fast and instantaneous results the moment you press that button. It’s a good way of dabbing especially when you’re on-the-go since you no longer have to wait before the wax melts and transition to vapor to reap the benefits of your select wax concentrates. Instead, when you pre-heat the extracts, they are brought to a melted state by blasting them with minimal heat so that the active ingredients are not released and extracted.

When dabbing on the lowest temperature setting, the Dr. Dabber Stella allows the production of flavorful vapors that let you enjoy and experience the natural terpenes and flavonoids in the wax concentrates. Likewise, when you take the temperature level to the highest setting, you’re basically extracting the most potent active ingredients your wax concentrates have to offer. Although this level of customization and personalization can be found on other cheaply made vaporizers, only the Dr. Dabber Stella can deliver vapors that are as fine and tuned to satisfy even connoisseurs.

Integrated Silicone Airflow Regulator

Speaking of personalization and customization, the Dr. Dabber Stella offers more compared to other vaporizers by way of the integrated airflow regulator. The people behind the Dr. Dabber Stella used an integrated silicone component to filter and regulate the airflow of the unit. Although small and insignificant as it may seem, this small component brings a significant effect on the quality of the vapors you get when dabbing with the Dr. Dabber Stella.

In a nutshell, the more air there is in the heating chamber, the denser the vapor will be. The number of outside air influences the density and the viscosity of the vapor which works for consumers who like to take large hits and blow clouds that mimic the density of real smoke. However, doing so can cause the vapor to be watered down making the final result lackluster in terms of flavor and potency. On the other hand, decreasing the airflow can cause the vapor to be warmer and thinner. While it may not look much to the average consumer, this somewhat insignificant vapor production is packed with flavor and potency because the vapors produced inside the chamber receives very little outside air. This works well with consumers who want to be discreet and stealthy when they consume their select wax concentrates.

The Dr. Dabber Stella’s integrated silicone airflow regulator can help you select the amount of air you get on the chamber as well as how restricted the airflow is when you draw from the mouthpiece.

Pass-Through USB-C Charging

Do you know what’s better than USB-C Charging? Passthrough USB-C charging. That’s right, the Dr. Dabber Stella allows passthrough charging which means that you can use it even when it’s plugged into the charger. This means that you no longer have to spend too much time waiting for the battery to be recharged. You can simply plug the Dr. Dabber Stella in and continue your sessions right on the spot. Thi8s makes the Dr. Dabber Stella an ideal dab pen for consumers who have a high tolerance to the psychoactive effects of their select wax concentrates primarily because it allows them to continue their sessions and not worry about their batteries losing charge. The best thing about the Dr. Dabber Stella is that it recharges the battery using a USB-C charging cable which means that it has several advantages over older USB technologies.

First, USB-C allows for faster data transfer as well as charging times. if you don’t like the idea of dabbing while having the Dr. Dabber Stella connected to a wall adapter or a wall outlet, you won’t have to wait that long to continue your sessions. Charging is fast which means you can do more of the things you love rather than wait until the battery gets fully recharged. Next, using USB-C technology allows better and more stable power transfer which means that you can enjoy the benefits of reduced risks of damaging the battery while charging. The Dr. Dabber Stella’s USB-C charger reduces the risk of power fluctuation which preserves the battery’s overall longevity. It's a safe and efficient way of recharging your battery and makes the Dr. Dabber Stella a device that’s more relevant in the coming future.

Lastly, because you’re using a USB charger, you’re not limited to charging the Dr. Dabber Stella using a wall outlet. You can recharge your device at home using your desktop computer, your laptop computer, or your compatible video game console. When you’re out and about, you can use your portable power bank to recharge the Dr. Dabber Stella. Since it’s connected to a portable power source (power bank), you can take full advantage of its passthrough charging capabilities and vape while you charge while you’re on-the-go. What more can you ask for?

Ultimate Dab Pen

Looking for your next dab pen? Search no more. Dr. Dabber’s latest dab pen has it all in a small and compact design that you can take with you almost anywhere you go.

The Dr. Dabber Stella can just as well be the ultimate dab pen Dr. Dabber has made. It’s outfitted with the best technologies today’s industry has to offer making the Dr. Dabber Stella as fully equipped as any of Dr. D’s vaporizers. Armed to the tooth, the Dr. Dabber Stella is ready to give you stellar performance and on to the future of dabbing. Get ready for liftoff with the all-new Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer Kit

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