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#ThisThingRips R2 RiG Edition Vaporizer

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  • More Titanium Coils
  • Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Smart Battery
  • Built-In Wax Jar
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About R2 RiG Edition Vaporizer

R2 RiG Edition Vaporizer is another user-friendly wax vaporizer that features highly beneficial qualities. #Thisthingrips designed it dual ceramic rod atomizer to let you achieve larger clouds. It also features adjustable airflow that ensures you ability to customize every single draw you take. R2 RiG comes with a visual chamber letting you know when to reload. This vaporizer was also designed with a built-in wax jar for your easy and convenient on-the-go sessions!


Just like OG Four 2.0 RiG, R2 RiG also utilizes smart battery technology which makes it remember the last temperature you set. This feature sets you free from selecting your most preferred temperature every time you wish to vape specially outdoor.


2x Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizers  1x Adjustable Airflow Ring  1x USB Charger  1x Steel Dab Tool  2x Alcohol Wipes  1x Silicone Ring  1x Silicone Tray  1x Instruction Manual
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