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Features:  Removable Air Path Digital Temperature Control 3000mAh Battery Capacity USB-C Charging Capabilities Comes with a Variety of Buckets 15mm Bucket Size About the Source Orb Versa The Source Orb Versa is the latest eRig from vaporizer manufacturer SOURCEvapes. SOURCEvapes...

wax portable vaporizer


  • Removable Air Path
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 3000mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB-C Charging Capabilities
  • Comes with a Variety of Buckets
  • 15mm Bucket Size

About the Source Orb Versa

The Source Orb Versa is the latest eRig from vaporizer manufacturer SOURCEvapes. SOURCEvapes has always been the go-to brand of many wax concentrate consumers for their devices that are purposely-built for the vaporization of wax concentrates. They are a company known for using only the best raw materials for manufacturing their products and use a similarly high-quality process in assembling and putting these products together. Now under new management, SOURCEvapes aim to continue and even better their reputation in the vaporizer industry. Their latest drop, the Source Orb Versa is the company’s entry to the eRig platform and is set to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Designed and engineered to exceed customer’s expectations, the Source Orb Versa was outfitted with some of the best features one can find in an eRig. These features include a digital temperature control allowing consumers to easily dial in their preferred temperature level while showing its users a digital visual representation of the running temperature level as well as other statuses of the eRig. You’ll also find a 3000mAh battery in the base of the eRig allowing you to enjoy substantial vapors with longer vaping sessions away from the power outlet. To complement the battery, the Source Orb Versa is equipped with USB-C charging capabilities allowing you to enjoy fast charging with USB-C technology. This means that when you run out of power, you can expect the Source Orb Versa to easily ramp up in battery power making the Source Orb Versa an ideal vaporizer for use even when you’re vaping home alone or when you’re dabbing with friends on a group session. You’ll have enough battery to juice up your sessions from start to finish. The Source Orb Versa also has a few more tricks up its sleeve, make sure to grab a Source Orb Versa while these deals last.

A Variety of Buckets

The Source Orb Versa is outfitted with an atomizer that can be used with a slew of buckets. These buckets are made with high-quality materials allowing you to enjoy superior vaporization during your sessions. Moreover, the use of various buckets allows you to enjoy various results depending on the type of bucket you’re using. The Source Orb Versa can come with either a quartz bucket, a ceramic bucket, or a titanium bucket. This means that you can enjoy getting fuller vapors, an increased in flavor retention or elevated potency.

Quartz is known for its ability to heat your wax concentrates quickly using the properties it’s known for. Quartz is a great catalyst for heat and allows you to reach higher temperature levels quickly, therefore, allowing the extraction of the potent active ingredients from your select wax concentrates faster. On the other hand, ceramic is known to have attributes that are quite the opposite of quartz. It facilitates a low and slow heating of your wax concentrates. Although the time it takes to vaporize the wax concentrates are slower, the heating process is often progressive and ensures efficient vaporization of the extracts. That said, the ceramic buckets are perfect for enjoying flavorful vapors during sessions. Because your extracts are heated slower than the usual rate, the flavors of the wax concentrates are preserved and flavors of burnt material will not mask your vapors so you get the truest taste from your wax concentrates. For those in need of a balanced result from their extracts, the titanium bucket offers exactly just what they need. The titanium bucket is known for its ability to facilitate a balanced effect especially when it comes to heating your select wax concentrates. Source Orb Versa’s titanium buckets will provide you with reasonable flavor retention as well as a decent amount of potency and vapor density. That said, the titanium buckets of the Source Orb Versa is recommended for beginners who have not yet had any experience using vaporizers or eRigs in general.

The Source Orb Versa offers a holistic experience for its potential consumers so make sure to get the best out of your investment. Make sure you act fast and grab a Source Orb Versa today.

Vaporization to the Next Level

The Source Orb Versa takes your dab sessions to the next level. That said, you can expect the Source Orb Versa to give elevate your sessions when you dab with this eRig from SOURCEvapes. The Source Orb Versa is outfitted with SOURCEvape’s XL heating plates allowing you to fit the 15mm buckets in the atomizer. This allows you to load larger dabs and enjoy better vapor quality making it preferable for consumers that have developed a tolerance to wax concentrates giving you more substantial effects during your sessions. The Source Orb Versa is best for consumers who are after the potent rips they can get from their select wax concentrates allowing them to take full advantage of the psychoactive active ingredients that their extracts have to offer. You can load more than the usual amount of dabs resulting in more than just the usual high. If you plan to get lifted, the Source Orb Versa is the way to go.

Adding to its ability to provide you with next-level vaporization is its ability to provide you with full digital temperature control with simple and easy to understand controls. You can easily increase or decrease the level of heat when dabbing with your favorite wax concentrates. If you’re in the mood for flavorful vapors with a light body buzz, keep the temperature levels low and if you want to take the psychoactive effects up a notch, just crank the temperature settings allowing you full personalization of your sessions. This makes the Source Orb Versa a perfect eRig for both recreational consumers and medical patients allowing them to carefully select and fine-tune their sessions based on their inclination and based on their personal preference. So, if what you’re looking for is simple but precise vaporization, the Source Orb Versa is the eRig you should be eyeing for.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Versa Vaporizer
  • 1 x Titanium Bucket
  • 1 x Ceramic Bucket
  • 1 x Bubble Carb Cap
  • 1 x Atomizer
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Travel Case
  • 1 x Slick Container
  • 1 x Concentrate Tool

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