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Features: 510-Threaded Connections Nectar Collector Tip Variable Temperature Automatic Shut-Off Magnetic Cap About the Source Vive SOURCEvapes has been quiet for the past few years but it seems that they’re once again ready to shake up the competition with the...


  • 510-Threaded Connections
  • Nectar Collector Tip
  • Variable Temperature
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Magnetic Cap

About the Source Vive

SOURCEvapes has been quiet for the past few years but it seems that they’re once again ready to shake up the competition with the release of the all-new Source Vive. The Source Vive is a 2-in-1 vaporizer pen that can be used in conjunction with a 510-threaded cartridge as well as with various wax concentrates making it compatible with almost all types of extracts on the market today. With the ability to vaporize both oils and wax, the Source Vive is an indispensable tool for any extract consumer.

The Source Vive is outfitted with a few features that make it simple and straightforward but also a great tool to have when consuming concentrates. First is its variable voltage temperature setting allowing you to heat the extracts with a low, medium, or high heat. This offers unparalleled vapor flexibility that can take your sessions to the next level. The Source Vive also heats up really quick so you won’t find yourself having to sit outside and just aimlessly waiting for the wax concentrates to be vaporized. This makes the Source Vive a great tool for on-the-go dab sessions using a 510-threaded cartridge filled with oils or from a small wax container filled with concentrates. Another feature that makes the Source Vive a must-have for wax consumers who are always on their feet is its ability to turn itself off, an automatic shut-off feature lets you be a little careless when using the Source Vive and gives this small and compact dab pen sort of a stash it and forget it kind of vibe since you literally don’t have to worry about turning it off when you stash it in your pocket.

The Source Vive has many other features to offer for both the average and the advanced consumer. Make sure to act fast and get your hands on this dab pen while this brand-new release from SOURCEvapes last.

The Perfect Pocket Vaporizer

The Source Vive offers tailored features that allow it to be a vaporizer fit for on-the-go use and the kind you’d like to keep in your pockets. First, the Source Vive is significantly smaller and more compact compared to other vaporizers that offer the same functionalities as the Vive from SOURCEvapes. This means that this simple and sleek dimension makes it not only a vaporizer that will fit in your pocket as well as in the palm of your hands. It’s slim making it easy to handle as well as to slide in and out of your pocket, vaping on the fly has never been this easy with the Source Vive 2-in-1 pocket vaporizer. To cap it off, the Source Vive uses a pen cap to make sure that no dirt or debris gets inside of the vaporizer maintaining its cleanliness even when it spends a full eight hours inside your pocket.

The Source Vive is also more than just a portable wax vaporizer, it’s also a device that can allow customization and personalization. A capable vaporizer that can match the performance and variability of larger and bulkier devices. That said, the Source Vive uses three preset temperature profiles to give you maximum efficiency and efficacy when consuming your select cartridges and wax concentrates when you’re out and about. The three temperature settings are represented by LED lights so are always informed of what the current running temperature settings even if you’re constantly pulling your Source Vive in and out of your pocket. It's a stealthy, discreet, but still informative way of providing you details about your vaporizer even though the Source Vive does not offer a readable display screen.

Another added feature you will find useful is the single button operation used to control the Source Vive. This means that you will only use one button to operate the device as well as control several features including the variable temperature setting we just covered above. This makes usage quite easy allowing even beginners and experienced vape users to pick up the Source Vive and use it like they’ve had it for years. It’s arguably the best dual-purpose vaporizer on the market today so make sure to check out the Source Vive to make sure you won’t be left behind.

Unparalleled Customization

The Source Vive brings together various elements from different kinds of vaporizers or devices that are used for the consumption of wax concentrates. The Source Vive is a honey straw/nectar collector and a cartridge pen all rolled into one. This makes the Source Vive a valuable tool as it gives you the functionality found in two different vaporizers for just the price of one. First, a nectar collector is a tool commonly used by dab enthusiasts but the average or the traditional nectar collector is used in conjunction with a torch. Other devices that are derived from nectar collectors or at least aim to use the same principle do not offer any kind of temperature control. On the other hand, the average 510-threaded vape pen battery only has the ability to heat up cartridges. SOURCEvapes thought about combining these two and made a vaporizer with more than decent performance in the Source Vive.

This way you can either switch from using a 510-threaded cartridge with oil in it for that medicated buzz or a nectar collector consuming potent wax concentrates for that melt your face experience. Either way, you’re sure to have fun using the Source Vive. These features, coupled with its three preset temperature profiles allow you to enjoy your extracts even more. Low settings are made for the extraction of thin clouds of vapor with extremely flavorful hits. On the other hand, the high temperature setting was designed to maximize the potency of your materials by releasing the psychoactive cannabinoids from your wax concentrates using high heat. If you want a balanced vapor production, you can use the medium setting since it’s designed for the balanced distribution of flavor and vapor. That said, whatever your preference is, the Source Vive can surely give you what you need in a small and compact device. Act now and make the Source Vive yours.

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